Hello 2020! There is something great about the start of the new year and pressing the ‘reset’ button. Fresh start, new chapter, the perfect time to reflect and set some new goals!

The most popular resolutions are related to health…things like getting back on that diet/cleanse you tried a while ago (but stick to it this time) and get down to that magic number on the bathroom scale… No matter how unrealistic that diet might be. We say scratch that BS!!!

Research tells us that 95.9% of these resolutions fail after just 3 weeks. This year rather than setting a resolution to drop x number of kgs be sure to focus on creating long term sustainable changes. Below are a few realistic resolutions that will benefit you’re health in the long run!


Get active.. on the reg!

No more working out hard for a week… then not working out for a month okay!! Adding in more movement might be as simple as adding a 15 minute walk into your day, it could be taking the stairs rather than the lift, fitting in some exercise during your lunch break or finding 15 minutes for yoga/stretching before bed each night. Think about this, if you make a commitment to exercise for just 15 minutes a day that adds up to 105 minutes per week! Once you are in the 15 minute habit start increasing it to 20 or 30 minute sessions. Remember that every little bit of movement counts!


Eat more real food

Start by making sure that with every meal you have some plants, try and aim for half of your plate to be colourful with fruit and vegetables, you cant eat too many! Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will have a tremendous impact on your health, you’ll have more energy and your skin will glow. Next swap muesli bars and biscuits for fruit, nuts or home made clean treats like bliss balls. Avoiding the afternoon biscuit tin can be really difficult, the trick is to be prepared. Always have healthy alternatives in your pantry, at your desk or in your car.

Get more sleep

Getting enough sleep is so important for your overall wellness. Sleep helps to reduce stress, improves your mood and sharpens your thinking. If you get less than 7 or 8 hours sleep try and make this a priority to increase. If falling/staying asleep is an issue for you try;

  • Decreasing your caffeine intake – If you drink more than one coffee per day try and cut back. If your drinking fizzy drinks or energy drinks, cut them out all together. They provide you with no nutritional benefit and could be whats keeping you up well into the night!
  • Switch off your electronics – At least one hour before bed turn off all your electronics. The blue light from the screen is known to stop the body from producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which is essential for restful sleep. Make turning off your work devices well before bed a priority, this allows yourself time to ‘switch off’ rather than heading to bed with tomorrows emails and to do lists running through your head!


Drink less alcohol

After the Christmas/New Year period and possibly a few too many beverages its the perfect time to reflect on the amount of alcohol you consume on a weekly basis. If you have a drink every night after work try drinking only every second night. Swap the wine or beer for a glass of sparkling water with mint and strawberry. Drinking less alcohol will have a profound impact on your health and vitality. If you are on a weight loss journey it will make a huge difference!


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  • Danielle Bosch
    Posted at 11:51h, 02 January Reply

    Live this. Last year I revisited my resolutions after joining RHNZ and end of the year, I had smashed them and some.

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