We are so excited to have teamed up with the very talented Sophie MacKenzie who’s bring the yoga aspect of our 30 Day Online Winter Wellness Retreat to life! Soph is an Olympian (Rowing), qualified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach (impressive or what!) Soph is also a true lover of all things health and wellbeing so naturally we all get on life a house on fire! We have absolutley loved working with Soph over the last few weeks to pull together the yoga aspect of the programme, she is an incredible teacher! We sat down with Soph to find out a little more about her yoga journey!


How long have you been practicing yoga?

On and off since I was 17 years old, and a lot more regularly in the past 3 years. Last year I finally was able to complete my teachers training with Power Living. (Side note, amazing course!)


What/who got you into it?

I did jazz dancing for 10 years ages 5-15 years old and I loved it! Although I wasn’t the most ‘natural’ dancer it certainly gave me a bit more rhythm, but then my dance teacher turned to yoga and I started going randomly to her classes. I really enjoyed it and felt the benefits when I wasn’t holding my breathe! As I got more into the New Zealand Rowing system yoga and stretching helped keep my injuries down and gave me something different to relax with because I’m one of those go-go-go people.


What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

I love the feeling yoga gives me and I want to share that with people and get as many people feeling better about themselves very day.


What do you love the most about teaching yoga?

Showing people that they can do the poses especially when they a pull a face of ‘are you f**ing kidding me, I can’t do that’ then they prove themselves wrong!


Tips to a beginner yogi?

Practice, practice, practice. Just jump on your mat even if you don’t feel like it and your body will just start to move and bend but mostly just breathe. Boom your doing yoga, its that simple.


Common misconceptions about practicing yoga?

That you have to be flexible to begin.. umm I think people come to yoga to get flexible but it puts them off in the first place – great logic people haha! And that you will become a hippy-dippy type of person! I have meet and look up to some of the normal ‘yogi’s’ and they are just people like everyone else with their own story.


What would you say to someone thinking about getting into yoga?

Give it a try, not just one class but a variety of classes, styles and teachers because somewhere along the way you will find one that works for you. But also know that overtime what you want out of your yoga practice will change and evolve and be open to that as well.


Fav Quote?

“Never, never, never give up”. My mum gave this quote to me my first year out of school when I kind of didn’t know exactly where life was heading so I never gave up on my dream of going to the Olympics and I’m pretty (not lucky) because I worked my butt of to get there and never gave up. This quote sits on my Drawers and often reminds me to keep going at whatever I’m doing in the moment. Ooops sorry for the bloody story there!



Describe the yoga content filmed for the Real Health NZ Online Winter Wellness Retreat?

A relaxing, flowing and peaceful introduction into yoga with lots of beautiful stretches to lengthen, tone and relax the body but also the mind. The hip opener is such a goodie for releasing emotions and let go of old baggage too! Kinda like a spring clean within your own body!


The 30 Day Online Winter Wellness Retreat kicks off on the 1st of July 2017! This retreat is all about teaching you different ways to activate your body’s relaxation response. You’ll have access to restorative exercise routines and meditations as well as exclusive access to our supportive online community where you can communicate with other like minded women and girls all on the same journey! To learn more about the programme and register for just $14.00 click HERE. We cant wait for you to join us!





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