There are consistently new studies being published that highlight the benefits of exercise and physical activity. Everybody knows they should exercise or be exercising more regularly, however finding the motivation can be difficult for some…We’ve put together a list of 9 solid reasons to get that amazing body of yours moving reguarly in 2020!


1. It makes you feel AMAZING!

Often we focus too much on the effort it takes to get started, to get out the door and into it rather than focusing on the outcome at the end. Yes it can be hard when its raining outside or you’ve had a long day at work but you ALWAYS feel absolutely amazing afterwards. If you need something to help motivate you think about the post-workout high! You will NEVER regret a workout no matter how short. Each time you exercise, be it an afternoon stroll or a 30 minute HIIT workout know that you have done something incredibly good for yourself!


2. You are a role model to someone

Whether thats your sister, your best friend your staff or your children. What you do has the potential to influence others. By living and active healthy lifestyle you are encouraging others to do the same. If you are a manager encourage your team to get outside for a walk at some point during the day, they will be far more productive for it! If you have children please know that you are the most important role model and modeling healthy active habits has the potential to influence your child’s lifestyle well into adulthood.


3. Health & happy heart

Heart function improves dramatically through consistent exercise. Our heart is a muscle and needs exercise to help keep it fit, a fit strong heart pumps blood efficiently around your body. Without regular physical activity, the heart may slowly lose its strength, stamina and ability to function well.


4. Bone & muscle strength

Regular exercise will keep your muscles and bones strong making every-day jobs easier such as lifting the kids, carting groceries or mowing the lawns.


5. Slows the ageing process down!

This ones a winner! Getting older is a given however the amount of exercise we do plays a really big role in how we look and feel along the way! Regular exercise decreases the chance of developing chronic diseases, it reduces inflammation in the body and will keep your immune system fighting fit! Not only this regular exercise will help to keep your skin looking younger, your energy levels up and makes your older years much more enjoyable.


6. Cognitive benefits

Exercise helps with brain development and efficiency, when we exercise regularly we are more productive, our ability to concentrate increase, our memory improves and we lower the risk of developing dementia in our older years.


7. Stress busting benefits!

Stress is an inevitable part of life and learning to manage it is so important. Regular exercise reduces stress, tension, depression and anxiety. Exercise create endorphins and promotes feel good emotions!


8. Sleep like a baby!

Regular exercise significantly improves the quality of your sleep, it reduces the time it takes to get to sleep and increases the time that you can remain in deep sleep. So get active for some more ZZZs!


9. Feel More ENERGISED!

Many people believe that exercising will make them feel really tired when in actually fact moving your body and increasing your heart rate does the opposite! When we exercise, we increase blood flow, this helps deliver more oxygen throughout our bodies. As more oxygen is being delivered, more energy is created. Along with this the feel good sensations that come from endorphins also give your energy levels a good boost!

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