Time Saving Hacks To Nail Your Nutrition

We’ve got some time saving tips to help you nail your nutrition! Reality is that we are all busy and no matter what stage of life we are at we never seem to have enough time right? But getting our nutrition right is so important, because without fueling our body with quality food, everything is more difficult! We hope that these easy tips will be helpful!

Tip 1 – Cook once eat twice!

This is such an easy tip! When your making a meal double it and store one away in the freezer, that way when you have one of those nights when shit hits the fan you are prepared! Just grab out that extra meal you made last week and you are good to go!

Tip 2 – Make one salad

This is a great one for saving time when it comes to lunches! Make one big salad and then divide it up into 4-5 portion sizes, then each day just add your protein sources! Maybe an egg, tuna, chicken or steak. This awesome tip stops you buying lunch saving you time and money!

Tip 3 – Online shopping

If you are not doing your supermarket shop online then you totally need to be! It’s an awesome time saving hack, I mean seriously who wants to spend their free time at the supermarket anyway?!

What’s even better about online shopping is that you can save your lists so the more you shop the easier it gets! Online shopping also saves you grabbing all those little extra bits that you really need. Nutrition wise you’ll make better choices and even better you’ll save on cash!

Tip 4 – Pre made meals

It’s okay not to do it all! There are some amazing healthy products out there that can make life easier, whilst we very much believe in cooking from scratch we totally understand that at times it’s not possible so looking at different options that might suit your family could be a great idea to get you through even a few meals during the week to help take the pressure off. Check out our Real Health NZ Eat Fresh Meal Plan We’ve created an awesome plan that gets you healthy meals delivered to your door and takes care of your exercise too!

Tip 5 – Pack now, construct latter

Now, this is fab if you work in an office and sometimes just don’t have time to make lunch in the morning or the night before. Here’s what you do; literally just toss everything you need in a bag and make it at work! E.g. wraps – tuna rice, crackers, lettuce tomatoes, hummus whatever! There you have it lovely some time saving hacks to help set you up to nail your nutrition, we hope you found them helpful!

Click here to learn more about our Real Health NZ Eat Fresh Plan. It’s got everything you need to nail your health and fitness goals from the comfort of your living room!

Ren & Jen

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