On September 17th a family’s world changed for the better, it grew from 3 – 4. It’s been a challenging, busy time and I want to take this moment to say a big thank you to my family! Thanks for being patient with me while I find my feet and learn this mum gig over for a second time because it sure as hell ain’t been the same this time around! Lately all I feel like all I’ve been saying is, “In a minute”, “we will after the next nap” or “hold on”. You’ve all been so patient with me and I want to thank you for that! It’s fair to say I had no expectations going into things but 4 months in I only now feel as though I’m finding my feet.

Firstly a big thanks to Miss two..

Thank you for being patient with me over the past few months….

Thank you for waiting for your goodnight book, kiss and cuddle while I settle your little sister.

Thank you for having quiet time aka The wiggles in the afternoon while your sister naps and I organise dinner!

Thank you for waiting patiently to play babies while I feed your baby sister – I know you’re still not used to this but I promise you’ll have more time with me soon!

Thank you for having marmite sandwiches the odd night for dinner during those first few crazy months! 

Thank you for trying to be as quiet as a mouse while we pat pat sush sush your little sister back to sleep day in and out.

To our newest addition…

Thanks for your patience while I learn this mum gig over once again! 

Thank you for choosing us and filling our hearts with even more love.

Thank you for hanging out extra long under your play gym while I calm a crying, emotional, sassy 2 year old.

Thank you for all the smiles and laughs even when your poked and prodded all day long by your big sister!

Thank you for all your middle of the night visits! These are hard right now but I know they won’t last forever.

Also a big thanks to super Dad….

Thank you for playing mum and dad while things were tough in those first few months.

Thank you for helping with those 3am newborn explosions.

Thank you for being patient and late to most things with me, I’ll be on time one day soon I promise!

Thank you for giving me the chance to carve time in the day for me – this really does help me get through.

Thank you for just accepting the bombsite of a house at the end of your long working day.

Thank you for being there through all the newborn, sleep deprived tears even though half the time I couldn’t even explain the tears.

Thank you for not reacting when I snap at you over nothing after a sleepless night.

Thank you for helping with all our 4am resettles

And most of all…

Thank you for all your love and support if it wasn’t for you there is no way in hell I could be doing what I’m doing bringing up 2 gorgeous girls so close in age as well as running a business and all the life admin in between!! 

Like everyone, I wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done but I’m doing my very best with this crazy juggling act!  I’m doing my best to be mindful and in the moment when I’m with my little ones but at the same time showing and teaching them to dream big and if they want something in life it takes hard work, commitment and a whole heap of grit!

And lastly…

My biggest thank you of all…

Thank you to my amazing body!

Thank you for all your hard work over the past few years.

Thank you for all your incredible work during pregnancy and labour.

Thank you for growing 2 healthy girls.

Thank you feeding and giving my babies all that they need to grow big and strong.

Thank you for adjusting my milk to meet their demands whether their sick, thirsty or upset you always get it right!

Thank you for staying strong through all the compromising positions you’ve been put in over the past few months. Hunching over the cot, picking up crying babies and toddlers! I know its hard on you which is why I like to do my best to keep you strong.

Thank you for staying strong through the late night feeds and all the wake up calls.

I promise to give you time each and everyday…

I promise to fuel you with everything you need to stay healthy and feel good…

I promise to listen to you…

I promise to give you a little TLC each and everyday because at the end of the day without you I wouldn’t be able to be there for my family! 

I wouldn’t be able to run with my kids and husband, nurse my baby, give them cuddles when they need it…

Heck without you I have absolutely nothing!!

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