This time of year it seems that everywhere you look, gyms are advertising their New Year specials, busting out their most successful marketing tips and tricks to really lure you in! How many of you have been caught out by these marketing schemes? Signed up and in one to two months later, you are simply making a weekly donation to their business….We’ve seen it time and time again over our professional careers working in a gym environment where the New Year brings in a lot of new members rapidly jumping on the fitness bandwagon, only to fall off it just as fast.

Now, we aren’t bagging gyms and saying that they are no good and that you should boycott them. In fact gyms can be a really empowering place to gain motivation, learn new exercises (if the staff are helpful) and really give your body a good hit out! However, what we are saying is that gyms are not a necessity when it comes to moving your body.

In fact, the only piece of equipment that you need to workout, is your body! And the only facility you need, is some space! Whether that’s in your lounge room, outside on the grass, your deck, your garage, the beach or local park. There are so many benefits to completing body weight exercises.

Firstly they are extremely effective and provide great results. You really don’t need 101 different machines to get a good workout in.

Secondly, it’s free! It doesn’t cost to workout using your own body and the space surrounding you. If you go away on holiday, you can take your “gym” with you and continue to workout rather than paying for a membership that you aren’t using.

Thirdly, you don’t have to compete with other gym goers for the same machine. You can plan your workout and do each exercise as you please without having to wait.

Lastly, you don’t have to travel anywhere! It is so much easier to get out of bed and smash a workout out in your lounge room then jump straight in your own shower as opposed to packing up your bags, driving to the gym, completing your workout, driving home and then getting ready for work. Or vice versa if you are an evening exerciser.

Now, if you are wanting a workout with a bit more resistance training involved, then yes gyms can provide a lot of versatility. However, it is so easy to get creative and make your own weights! Water bottles or tin cans make great dumbbell substitutes, or a bag filled with some cans makes a great kettle-bell alternative.  

Have a baby? Awesome! Put them on your hips and smash out some weighted hip thrusters! Have wooden floors? Get out two tea towels and use them as sliding plates to get your core burning!

So there ya have it, proof that you don’t need a gym to workout! However, if you aren’t sure what exercises you can do with your body, or don’t know how to plan a workout that is effective and takes up less than 30 minutes, then sign up to our FREE 2 week trial and we’ll hook you up! 😉

We’ll teach you loads of different exercises and prove to you that all you need is a couple of meters of space, a can do attitude and a smile on your face! Designed for all fitness levels, give it a go you’ve got nothing to lose!

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We hope to see you soon to get that beautiful body of yours moving!

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